I studied photography and received a bachelor's degree from the School of Visual Arts. I am a photographer and artist and work primarily using photographs to create imagery.

My work is deeply connected to and concerned with the intersection of improvisation, chance, the subjective experience, and of the fluidity of reality. Elements of staging, sculpture, and post production/manipulation key elements in my work. Yet of equal importance are accident and coincidence. This is the liminal space my work delves into, a place of transcendence. I am always looking for these thresholds, portals, and paradoxical places of overlap. There is magic in the tension between intention, action and the unexpected. I believe that process of art making is innate in all human beings, and its effects can be profoundly healing. At times, it can have an ineffable, even mystical quality, which can help guide individuals and communities to a greater awareness and compassion for the relationships within, and without. 

My work was recently featured on the DONT TAKE PICTURES blog in December 2017 and exhibited in Feature Shoot’s The Print Swap Exhibition at ROOT Studios in Brooklyn, NY. I have also had work appear on Commercial Clients include Lowery Street Media, Destiny Records, & 1-800-Flowers.