My major influences include the work of: Mary Oliver, Yayoi Kusama, Jocelyn Lee, Lori Nix, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Amy Elkins, Simen Johan, Gregory Crewdson, Kim Keevers, J.M.W Turner and the Hudson school, scholar john a. powell, Dr. Silvia Earle, poet John O'Donahue and so many others.

Growing up on the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean, the waters off of the coast are one of the great influences. I feel an unshakable connection, a deep reverence, and fear of the vast expanse that is the Atlantic. This wild frontier is still in so many ways unknown, and it serves as metaphor for the human condition. As human beings, water makes up most of our body weight. It is an essential component to life on earth. Across many cultures and religions, there are rituals where water is the symbolic center. To submerge oneself in water is to be cleansed, to experience rebirth. It is this deep connection to water, and fluidity, which seems to seep into all of the work I create. There is an inexorable motivation to examine the threshold humanity finds itself on, a journey to a greater awareness and compassion for the relationship between us and the nature within, and without. 

I have a BFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts. My work was recently featured on the DONT TAKE PICTURES blog in December 2017 and exhibited in Feature Shoot’s The Print Swap Exhibition at ROOT Studios in Brooklyn, NY. I have also had work appear on Commercial Clients include Lowery Street Media, Destiny Records, & 1-800-Flowers.