Surfacing for Air, 2017

When the Dunes Disappear, 2017

There is a thread connecting all beings. Woven into every creature is the history of life on earth. Follow the thread far enough back. How many experiences overlap, intersect, and are shared? For this body of work, the trauma and the wonder of existence is a constant, consistent meditation. These compositions explore both inner and outer landscapes, seeking the ancient, and the immediate. They are an examination of the collective and of the individual. How do we survive? Nature has myriad answers. The journey of adaption, and evolution, of both mind and body is shared by all creatures. A very specific set of conditions is necessary for life to exist.

I have come of age in a time, and a place, where the scientific method has come under such widespread scrutiny that entire swaths of the United States are outright rejecting it. America, at the very least, is undergoing a philosophical crisis. Facts are no longer objective, but multifaceted and subjective. They, in essence, have ceased to exist. Perhaps there is a crisis of trust because we have grown conscious of the masterful way in which the manipulation of statistics, words and images has shaped our reality. Still, when all the proper controls exist, when there are not convenient omissions, there is a concrete, and common reality. It is often and easily obscured. As a litigious and semantic culture increasingly fascinated with itself is forced to reckon with its own image in a way that seems almost unbearable to its inhabitants, it is easy to understand why this is happening. To look behind you in any given situation can be uncomfortable. How have the choices I have made affected the current circumstance? Shaped my environment? How has this affected others? To ask these questions on a global scale, yields very, very uncomfortable answers. 

There is a dangerous illusion that has been steadily fracturing for decades. Humankind is outside of nature. To know that I am a culpable member of a species that has so recklessly and ignorantly pursued mastery over the environment without also assuming responsibility and stewardship of it, is something I am fitfully trying to resolve. This is an invitation to witness the personal journey of one flawed and vulnerable human being reckoning with power, truth, scale, manipulation, beauty, suffering, sorrow, responsibility, wonder, and mystery.


She Knows, 2017

Wounded Paw, 2017

Sacred Bird at Dusk, 2017

Dreaming, 2018

Tethered, 2018

Camouflage & Aposematism, 2018

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