There is a thread connecting all beings. Each being caries within itself a long line of ancestors. Follow the thread far enough back. How many experiences overlap, intersect, and are shared? For this body of work, the trauma and the wonder of existence is a constant, consistent meditation. These compositions explore both the inner and outer landscape, seeking the ancient and the immediate. They are an examination of the collective and of the individual. How do we survive? Nature has myriad answers. The journey of adaption, and evolution, of both mind and body is shared by all creatures. A very specific set of conditions is necessary for life to exist. 


Surfacing for Air, 2017

When the Dunes Disappeared, 2017

She Knows, 2017

Wounded Paw, 2017

Sacred Bird at Dusk, 2017

Dreaming, 2018

Tethered, 2018

Camouflage & Aposematism, 2018